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Understanding the Causes of Brain Injury

Wed 25th Jan, 2017 Personal Injury

Brain injuries can have a number of effects on a person’s life and livelihood. Brain damage can lead to issues with mood, cognition, memory, and communication skills. These sorts of injuries can also cause people to experience problems with motor skills, muscle control, and general movement.

Because of the many mental and physical challenges imposed by brain injury, it’s important that victims of this type of trauma who live in the Stockton seek legal help from skilled professionals at McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, LLP.

Auto Accidents and Motor Vehicle Collisions

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents can lead to serious head trauma and brain injuries. Even if you are wearing a seat belt or a helmet, the force generated from a collision can be so severe that it results in some kind of injury to the brain. Be attentive on the road whenever you are behind the wheel or on your motorcycle.

Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclists and pedestrians who are involved in collisions are far more vulnerable than motorists. If you are struck by a vehicle of any sort, it can lead to major head injuries and bodily harm. Remain attentive if you are a bicyclist, and make sure you are visible to motorists around you as you share the road. For pedestrians, use crosswalks and cross only when you can do so safely.

Major Slips and Falls

Major slips and falls are a leading cause of facial trauma and injuries. If you land face first or head first, this can increase the risk of a brain injury occurring. Try to use handrails and guardrails whenever they are available, especially when on the stairs or when floors are wet or slick.

Falling Objects

Whether at a store or at a worksite, falling objects can cause severe had injuries. This is particularly true of heavy objects that fall and strike people below. Hard hats can be helpful for mitigating the damage done by the objects. It’s important that you remain attentive if you are in any sort of high-risk environment.

Contact and Combat Sports Injuries

People who play football or hockey get hit a fair amount. If you participate in boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA), you’re also very likely to take some hard blows to the face. Over time, this can lead to serious harm to the brain. Try to wear helmets and protective pads during training and competition.

Injuries During Childbirth

When giving birth, it’s important that the process goes smoothly. There are tragic cases of infants suffering from brain injuries at childbirth, however. These types of brain injuries can negatively impact a child’s growth and development, presenting many challenges for the future.

Physical Assaults

People involved in fights or physical altercations of various kinds can sustain serious injuries to the brain, especially if they experience major trauma to the head and face.

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