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Our Lease & Contract Lawyers Can Help You Make Sound Legal Decisions 

Sound legal guidance is indispensable for business leaders who are preparing to complete high-value transactions and enter into other important contracts. The lease and contract lawyers at McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau. LLP, have decades of experience drafting, reviewing, negotiating business agreements of many types. Our attorneys have helped many clients make informed decisions regarding buy-sell agreements, commercial leases, and other real estate contracts.

Why You Need an Attorney

Contracts are a necessary, even vital aspect of any business. However, when they are prepared inadequately, it can leave you and your associates at a significant disadvantage and open to financial suffering in the future. Our lawyers work in close collaboration with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business operations, objectives and risks. Consequently, we are adept at spotting potential problems with legal contracts and taking advantage of opportunities.

Our priority is protecting your business. When contract disputes arise, we take a highly strategic approach to reaching positive resolution through direct negotiations, mediation or business litigation. On the occasion that litigation is required, our attorneys will provide vigorous representation in the courtroom. 

Diverse Contract Experience

You can turn to our firm with confidence at any point in the life of your enterprise, from startup through growth and expansion and, ultimately, the sale, transfer or dissolution of the business. Our experience and skills cover contract types such as:

  • Partnership, management and operating agreements for various business entities and spanning all business sectors
  • Purchase and sale agreements for real estate, equipment, and other vital business assets
  • Nondisclosure agreements and other employment contracts
  • Vendor-client, distribution and service contracts

Choosing a firm you can trust is crucial for the health of your business. We have built relationships with generations of clients based on our ability to conduct legal services with integrity and open communication. As an established practice with a dedicated team and proven track record, you can be confident in our legal services. 

Representing Commercial Landlords & Tenants 

Commercial leases typically involve a significant investment of time and money. It is especially important that these documents are developed correctly with clear parameters regarding obligations and rights. When commercial leases are reviewed by a seasoned attorney, it can protect both parties involved and set the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship with reduced potential for conflict in the future.

Our legal team has developed a specific strength in developing and negotiating commercial leases. We can efficiently assess these often complex documents to ensure the terms are as favorable as possible to you and that your business and financial interests are protected to the maximum extent.

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