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Protect Your Future by Hiring a Stockton High Asset Divorce Lawyer

If you own a business or professional practice, earn high income as an executive or have accumulated substantial net worth by other means, your divorce or legal separation may present unique challenges. The same is clearly true if you have been the supportive spouse in an affluent family. A Stockton high asset divorce lawyer can help you review prenuptial or premarital agreements, provide negotiation services, or legal representation if needed. At McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, in Stockton, CA, we are dedicated to providing the experienced legal counsel you need to navigate this complex process and will employ our vast knowledge and resources to protect your financial future. 

Division of Property in California 

Although California is a “community property” state, with 50-50 division of all marital assets as the basis for property division in divorce, there is still significant potential for conflict in any divorce case. Do not leave the division of your property and more to the courts. Thorough analysis and top-flight preparation for negotiations or litigation could make all the difference for your financial future and you deserve a dedicated attorney by your side.

What Can a Stockton High Asset Divorce Lawyer Do for You?

High net worth divorce attorneys at our firm combine in-depth knowledge of California family law with financial savvy and decades of experience in matters of business and commercial law. We have also established an extensive network of accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts and others who may prove invaluable for strengthening your position. We emphasize:

  • Ensuring that both parties meet their fiduciary duties to provide full disclosure of all marital property, which sometimes requires forensic accounting and other methods of exposing concealed assets
  • Establishing our clients’ ownership of separate property such as that acquired by inheritance
  • Obtaining business, property and other asset valuations that properly reflect current market conditions and our clients’ unique concerns about their investments
  • Asserting and defending our clients’ interests in negotiations or litigation to establish spousal support (sometimes called alimony) when either party seeks it
  • Advising clients on all aspects of divorce with a family business as a critical asset, including the likely impact on other partners and options associated with either sustaining or dissolving that business
  • Providing wealth and estate planning services aligned with our clients’ needs during and after divorce

Choosing a firm who does not have the same priorities or specific experience in high net worth divorces can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

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