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Building Generational Trust Through Effective Legal Advocacy

McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, is a full-service law firm committed to client-centered representation in a variety of practice areas. Over the decades, we have built a strong reputation among both our clients and the community-at-large. In fact, our successes have earned us many intergenerational clients, who we have served in some capacity throughout the years.

We are relentless advocates who believe that the substantial breadth and depth of our experiences — in both the litigation and transactional realms — has given us a keen sense of how to effectively navigate a legal matter.

What Makes Our
Stockton Law Firm Different?

Mid-Sized — Best of Both Worlds

As a mid-sized firm, we pride ourselves on having coupled a deep bench of industry-leading attorneys with reduced costs. This affords us a unique position in the legal market. We not only provide sophisticated, well-resourced representation at competitive rates, but are able to do so in a way that puts the client and their needs front-and-center.

Simply put, we have built a structure that allows us to devote substantial time and attention towards each of our clients, and to avoid the impersonal “factory-like” style typical of larger firms. No matter what, we are approachable and reliable. The firm partners you meet are the same ones who will be handling your case — and are never too far out-of-reach.

Multiple Practice Areas — Resources, Resources, Resources

As a full-service firm offering representation in a variety of practice areas, we have the ability to connect clients with the resources they need whenever a legal issue arises. Most everything can be handled in-house.

Our practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Business & Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Wealth & Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Land Use & Real Estate
  • Environmental Law
  • Appellate Advocacy

Thanks to our people-focused approach to advocacy, we glean strategically useful details about the client. This — coupled with our rather broad practice — enables us to rapidly take on any additional legal matters for which the client may require assistance.

For example, a client may come in for assistance with handling a business partnership dispute, and later want to set up an estate plan that reflects their new ownership position (and the terms thereof). Our familiarity with their personality and legal history enables us to serve their needs more effectively.

People-focused advocacy is not only important because of its strategic impact, but also because clients deserve to have their concerns heard. We believe that “compassionate representation” is critical — it is the attorney’s responsibility to remain in control and provide a steady, helpful hand at every stage. This is particularly true in the family law, personal injury and estate planning contexts, where emotions tend to run high and the decisions made in-and-out of court can have lifelong personal consequences.

Local — Community Alignment

We are tightly integrated into the Central Valley community. This is our professional home — a beautiful region with vibrant family businesses and strong values. These values align us and our vision to local clients.

As all of our attorneys practice out of Stockton, we have developed networks and relationships with relevant local stakeholders and community leaders, giving us the tools necessary to advance our client’s interests in situations that may otherwise seem insurmountable.

Contact McKinley, Conger,
Jolley & Galarneau for Help

Whether you’re setting up an estate plan, seeking to develop property, need help with your divorce, or are preparing for business litigation, the attorneys at McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, are here to help.

We operate a full-service law firm, providing representation to clients involved in a wide range of disputes and transactions. Our commitment to people-focused advocacy has earned us a sparkling reputation in the community — a reputation that we put to good use as strategic leverage.

Call us at 209-477-8171 or schedule a consultation to speak to an attorney at our firm today.


What Our Clients are Saying…

I had a very vicious divorce that took over 3 years. My ex-wife went through 3 attorneys trying to keep up and gain the upper hand…It was a hard road, but I’m very thankful I stayed the path with John, he knew what he was doing and his strategy worked flawlessly.

I have worked with John as co-counsel and against John as opposing counsel. There is no one more ethical and hard-working.

Brett is a consummate professional who is very well versed in the area of land use law. He brings a general affability and substantive acumen to his legal practice. Clients uniformly have a high regard for his passionate and credible representation.

We contacted Megan to update our family trust and found her very knowledgeable on the subject. She was able to give us a clear and detailed explanation of the complexities of the family trust. We highly recommend her.

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