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Understanding Gray Divorces

Fri 29th Jul, 2022 Family Law

Divorce traditionally has been understood primarily as a phenomenon among the young and middle-aged. After all, most married couples figure out within a few years whether their marriage will work long-term. Estimates place the average length of marriage before divorce at about eight years. But as the U.S. population ages, […]

Challenging a Prenup in California

Thu 30th Jun, 2022 Family Law

California is a community property state. While most other states divide marital property fairly (but not necessarily equally) upon divorce, California courts divide marital property 50/50, absent an agreement to the contrary. One agreement that is capable of changing the default property division rules is a prenuptial agreement, and such […]

Unusual Visitation Issues

Tue 31st May, 2022 Family Law

A general rule of child visitation in California is that the agreement established by the parents should have the child’s best interest in mind. Children have the right to frequent and continuing contact with both parents after a divorce. But there is no such thing as a “typical” child visitation […]

How to Handle a High Conflict Divorce

Fri 29th Apr, 2022 Family Law

Divorce is an emotionally fraught process even under the best of circumstances. While most divorcing couples would like to think that they are mature and rational enough to avoid a bitter and protracted divorce, emotions often cloud their better judgment, and it is impossible to know how a person will […]