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Child Support Add-Ons and How They Are Apportioned

Fri 28th Jun, 2024 Family Law

If you are getting a divorce and you have children, child support is likely a top-of-mind issue for you. Both parents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their children under California law. Typically, the non-custodial parent (i.e., the parent the children do not live with most of the […]

Coercive Control and How to Fight It

Fri 14th Jun, 2024 Family Law

Domestic violence takes many forms. Some assume that domestic violence is primarily physical in nature, but that is a misconception. In reality, domestic violence is a much broader category of behavior that often involves psychological abuse. One of the most insidious — and, unfortunately, most common — forms of domestic […]

6 Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

Fri 31st May, 2024 Family Law

Prenuptial agreements are not only for the rich and famous. Almost all couples could benefit from a well-drafted prenuptial agreement, as such agreements can set expectations for the marriage and help resolve future disputes, among many other benefits. Speak to one of our Stockton prenuptial agreement attorneys to discuss crafting […]

What to Do After You Get Divorced

Fri 17th May, 2024 Family Law

The process of getting a divorce, in many cases, can be long and arduous, especially if your marriage was lengthy or you and your spouse can’t agree on much. But the process of dissolving a marriage is not totally over even after the divorce judgment issues; the ex spouses must […]

The Top 25 Myths About High-Net-Worth Divorce in California

Tue 30th Apr, 2024 Blogs

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, especially when substantial assets are involved. In California, home to many high-net-worth individuals, divorce can become even more intricate. Misconceptions abound, adding to the stress and confusion. Our Stockton divorce attorney dispels the top 25 myths surrounding high-net-worth divorce in California to […]