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A Vision Loss Injury Can Have Lasting Consequences

We rely on our eyes to perform everyday activities from walking and driving to cooking and watching television. A vision loss injury that results in a partial or complete loss of vision can turn your whole life upside-down.

However, you are not without options: you may be entitled to damages for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our team of personal injury lawyers atMcKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, in Stockton, CA, have decades of experience securing compensation on behalf of the victims in personal injury cases.

Types of Vision Loss Injuries

Vision loss injuries can have lasting consequences. They can hinder your ability to carry out basic functions that, prior to your injury, you had no trouble handling. As a result, vision loss injuries can have a negative impact not only on your independence and quality of life but also your mental state. Common types of vision loss injuries include:

  • Blindness
  • Partial vision impairment
  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Optic nerve injury
  • Corneal abrasion
  • Detached retina

No matter the type of vision loss injury, if another party is responsible for it, we will fight tooth and nail to hold them accountable. You may be able to receive significant compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. 

Causes of Vision Loss Injuries

Oftentimes eye injury victims sustain injuries through no fault of their own. Among the frequent causes of vision loss injuries include:

  • Workplace accidents: A significant portion of eye injuries take place in the workplace, whether from flying bits of metal or glass, chemicals, tools, or other hazards. 
  • Auto accidents: In a crash, blunt force trauma can cause lasting injuries, as can flying debris. A faulty airbag can also cause eye damage by failing to deploy or deploying unnecessarily.
  • LASIK surgery: While this surgery is intended to restore one’s vision, poor work on the part of a surgeon can have the opposite effect.

Even defective contact lens solution and other drugs can undermine your vision.

Damages Resulting from Vision Loss Injuries

If you suffered a vision loss injury because of another party’s negligence, you could receive significant damages. The first step is to identify the responsible party. For example, if you suffer a serious eye injury in an auto accident and the airbag failed to deploy, the manufacturer could be liable. No matter who is the responsible party, we will work diligently to secure damages on your behalf for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
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