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A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Fight for Justice on Your Behalf

The trauma and grief that family members experience after the sudden death of a loved one is indescribable. If another party’s negligence resulted in a fatal accident, our legal team can be your trusted, compassionate resource for seeking fair and just financial compensation. A wrongful death attorney fromMcKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, can tirelessly represent the families of victims seeking fair restitution.

Our firm has helped many families recover emotionally and financially when faced with extreme circumstances such as the wrongful death of a loved one. You can trust our team to treat you and your family with diligent and personal attention and handle the daunting task of legal action in the wake of such tragedy. 

The Proven Legal Representation You Need After a Tragic Accident

At McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, we strive to provide compassionate counsel and rigorous legal advocacy for clients impacted by a wrongful death or serious personal injury. We understand the role of a wrongful death attorney in California courts and the nuances of pursuing such claims. Our attorneys’ work in this area is informed by extensive experience on the defense side of complex injury and fatality claims.

After a fatal car accident, or after a loved one has died in the hospital due to medical negligence, close family members, a domestic partner, and select others may be able to recover significant compensation for:

  • Expenses associated with the deceased party’s funeral and burial, as well as any medical costs incurred before he or she passed away
  • Lost income, including expected future income based on projections
  • Other, more personal damages such as the loss of love and support

Adding all these immediate and future damages is challenging and deeply emotional, making it absolutely essential to seek compassionate representation that has your best interests in mind.

Personal, Attentive Service and Genuine Focus on Your Case

We recognize that no amount of money obtained in an auto accident or medical malpractice settlement can replace a family member. However, it may be essential to take prompt legal action to protect your financial stability, gain a measure of justice, and move forward. You can count on balanced, realistic counsel and devotion to your case when you turn to a wrongful death attorney at our long-standing, Stockton-based law firm.

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