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Category: Family Law

How to Establish Parental Rights in California

Fri 29th Mar, 2024 Family Law

As more children are born outside of marriage, establishing parental rights (also known as “paternity” rights and “parentage” rights) is becoming an increasingly important consideration for parents. But establishing parental in some cases is easier said than done. For example, couples who wish to adopt must often undergo a notoriously […]

A Guide to Cohabitation Agreements

Fri 15th Mar, 2024 Family Law

Many couples choose to live together (or “cohabitate”) before they get married — that is, if they get married at all. While these arrangements allow for more flexibility than marriage, they also provide fewer protections in the event of divorce, as unmarried partners may not seek alimony or obtain 50/50 […]

What to Include in a Child Custody Agreement

Thu 29th Feb, 2024 Family Law

Very few divorces can be characterized as “simple,” but divorcing with children is most certainly more complex than divorcing without children. Because both parents are responsible for the health, safety, and wellbeing of the child, both are required to provide child support in one form or another. Negotiations concerning child […]

Know the Signs of Marital Financial Abuse

Thu 15th Feb, 2024 Family Law

Finances are one of the most contentious issues in many marriages and one of the most common reasons for divorce. After all, everyone handles money differently, and disagreements are bound to arise over finances in almost all marriages. While sharing finances with a spouse can often strengthen a marriage, it […]

Four Behaviors That Can Derail Your Co-Parenting Plan

Wed 24th Jan, 2024 Family Law

Most divorced couples would prefer to begin the process of moving on without constantly being in contact with their exes; that can be difficult for divorced couples with children, as many parents attempt to put aside their differences to implement a co-parenting plan that is best for their children. Co-parenting […]