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Category: Family Law

What Matters Are Covered Under Family Law?

Fri 30th Apr, 2021 Blogs

Family law is a branch of law that concerns relationships among family members. One of the largest practice areas within family law is divorce and all of the issues that go along with it — the division of assets, alimony, child support, child custody and visitation, etc. But family law […]

5 Things Not to Say to a Judge in Family Court

Wed 28th Apr, 2021 Blogs

Testifying in a divorce or child custody proceeding can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. This is especially true in high-emotion family law cases where the future of the witnesses’ marriage, family structure, and financial assets are in play. While you generally should speak to the court in the same conversational tone […]

Child Support Mediation

Wed 9th Dec, 2020 Family Law

There are several issues that need to be settled when a couple goes through a divorce. Issues pertaining to children and finances tend to be the most contentious, which means it can be particularly difficult to settle matters of child support. In California, the court prefers that parents negotiate child […]

Child Support Modifications

Wed 30th Sep, 2020 Family Law

Parents who divorce have to settle matters of child custody and child support. Child support is a legally enforceable payment meant to provide for a child’s basic needs, such as food, housing, and clothing. While child support is legally binding, arrangements are not meant to be permanent. Child support payments […]

What Are Postnuptial Agreements?

Sun 20th Sep, 2020 Family Law

Prenuptial agreements can be a difficult topic to bring up before marriage, but sometimes a couple may find that they would have benefited from entering into an agreement. In such cases, a postnuptial agreement may be the right option.  A family law attorney can help couples create a postnuptial agreement that […]