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Child Support Issues: Dealing with Extraordinary and Special Expenses

Mon 14th Feb, 2022 Blogs

Divorcing parents in California are required to comply with their child support obligations as indicated by the state’s child support guidelines. Typically, how much a parent pays will depend on the parent’s earnings, as well as what the child needs to keep up the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. More specifically, California uses a formula to determine child support and depending on the situation, there will be additional considerations for parents to discuss in that regard. For example, issues may arise when the children involved (or the parents) have what is commonly known as “extraordinary income or expenses.”

Parents who have very high incomes or children who have extraordinary or special expenses (i.e., tuition or extra health-related expenses) will go through a somewhat different process when it comes to determining child support. Accordingly, If you need help with dealing with these special situations, our Stockton child support lawyer can help.

Extraordinary and Special Expenses – What Are They? A Stockton Child Support Lawyer Explains

Extraordinary and special expenses are those that do not fall within the realm of normal expenses that are necessary to meet a child’s basic everyday needs, such as clothes, food, routine medical/dental care, health insurance and transportation costs.

Expenses that extend beyond those typical areas are generally considered extraordinary or special under California law. Such expenses may include the following:

  • Tutoring for a child who needs additional help for particular classes
  • Treatment for a disease or prolonged illness
  • Extracurricular activities at school (or after school)
  • Counseling for mental health or psychological issues
  • Sports and other activities that require travel
  • Private school education/tuition

Note that in the same way the determination of these special expenses would be considered for the benefit of the child, our Stockton child support lawyer knows that the parents’ respective burdens would also be considered. For instance, if a parent were dealing with his or her own illness such that the child’s expenses would negatively impact them, the court would have to consider that and lower the total child support paid by that parent accordingly.

Concerned About Special Expenses That May Play a Role in Your Child Support Determination? Speak With a Stockton Child Support Lawyer Today

All in all, when it comes to child support, the best way to deal with extraordinary and special expenses is to negotiate the terms on your own with the other parent away from the courtroom. If you let a court get involved, the party who stands to lose the most will subject him or herself to significant risks.

Divorcing parents (or even those who are separating) have a great deal of flexibility with respect to drafting and reaching agreements that will work for all involved. Once the parties have reached an agreement and put their proposal in writing, it is unusual for the court to get involved and choose or set forth a different arrangement that may or may not work any better. That said, let an experienced Stockton child support lawyer work with you to help you navigate the complicated nature of extraordinary and special situations. Contact our firm today to find out how we can assist.

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