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Millennials Are Making Their Mark on Prenuptial Agreements

Wed 30th Jun, 2021 Family Law

In 2019, Millennials — individuals born from roughly the early 1980s to the mid-1990s — became America’s largest generation, eclipsing Baby Boomers for the first time. Their demographic rise has touched nearly every facet of American life and culture. Millennials are frequently blamed for “killing” various things, including chain restaurants, department stores, soda, cable TV, and even cereal, but one thing Millennials seem not to have killed is prenuptial agreements. Recent surveys show that Millennials are increasingly entering into prenuptial agreements, although — in characteristic fashion — they are using them to address different concerns than previous generations. Our Stockton prenuptial agreement attorneys explain unique provisions that Millennials are including in their prenuptial agreements below. 

Separation of Finances

According to the Wall Street Journal, Millennial couples are increasingly choosing to keep their finances separate rather than commingling their assets. This is partly because Millennials tend to have fewer assets going into marriage and partly because many expect to earn significantly more over the course of their careers. With their finances entirely separate, prenuptial agreements can lay out who is responsible for making major purchases, such as houses, cars, and college tuition. 

Student Debt

Provisions concerning finances are the most common elements of prenups. However, Millennials are also using prenuptial agreements to address the issue of student debt. For example, a prenuptial agreement may state that, in the event of a divorce, any marital assets used to pay off student debt must be reimbursed. Alternatively, a prenuptial agreement could also address how any future student debt is taken on during the marriage would be handled. 


Millennials are delaying having children much longer than previous generations, which raises long-term fertility concerns. Many couples address that concern by opting for in vitro fertilization and then freezing the embryos so that they may have children at a later date. Prenuptial agreements can address what should happen to those embryos in the event of a divorce.  


As a result of having children later in life (if at all), many Millennials have turned to pet ownership to fill the void. But tensions can arise when a couple divorces after adopting a pet together. While prenuptial agreements cannot be used to address child support or visitation, that prohibition does not apply to pets. Millennials are thus using prenuptial agreements to devise plans for pet visitation and the payment of veterinarian bills. 

Social Media

Millennials were the first generation to adopt social media, and it is not yet clear whether that will be more of a blessing or a curse in the long term. It’s no surprise, then, that social media clauses are becoming popular in prenuptial agreements among Millennial couples. These clauses often prevent one spouse from posting embarrassing pictures of the other, saying unkind things about them, or posting anything that could harm their professional reputation, for example. 

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