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Personal Injury and Hospital Fees

Sat 2nd Jan, 2021 Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important that you receive medical attention as soon as possible. Emergency services could mean the difference between life and death. Yet while these life-saving treatments are essential, they come at a high price. That’s why the Stockton and Walnut Creek, CApersonal injury attorneys of McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP take hospital fees so seriously.

Here, our lawyers will discuss why personal injury lawsuits seek compensation for hospital fees and other medical expenses. We’ll note how these financial hardships can be covered by pre-trial settlements or through legal damages in civil litigation.

The Cost of Hospitalization

The cost of hospitalization can be extremely high. According to, a three-day stay in the hospital can cost $30,000.

The cost of hospital care is even higher if surgery is involved and if patients require emergency surgery or other kinds of invasive and extensive treatment. Surgery on the spine or a vital organ, for instance, will add tens of thousands of dollars to the final medical bill.

Additional Fees on Top of Medical Services

While the high price of hospitalization is staggering, there are additional matters that can make the cost of hospital care stressful. Looking at a medical bill, you may notice additional fees that are unrelated to medical treatment. These charges are classified as hospital fees. These fees may take the form of administrative fees, facility fees, and room charges. 

These fees drive up the final medical costs, and can leave households in tremendous debt even if they have health insurance. It’s no wonder that medical expenses contribute to two-thirds of bankruptcies in America.

Will My Insurance Cover Hospital Fees?

Possibly. Both health insurance and car insurance can help with hospitalization and medical expenses, but it depends on your insurance provider, your coverage/policy, and the nature of the accident or injury.

Keep in mind that medical payments insurance (Med Pay) does not automatically come with most California auto insurance policies, which could leave you with high out-of-pocket expenses for your treatment.

Why It’s Crucial to Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Stockton law firm has helped many households with costly medical bills. During your legal consultation, we can discuss the circumstances of your case and determine the ideal legal options to pursue. Our goal will be to recover compensation to help address medical expenses as well as other financial hardships you’ve endured as a result of another person’s negligence.

Settlements and Legal Damages

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court. When negotiating a settlement, we will help ensure that you receive enough to cover your hospital bills, current medical expenses, and any ongoing medical treatments to address your injuries.

If a settlement cannot be reached, we will go to trial. Compensatory damages sought in the case will be able to cover the cost of medical care received as well as lost wages and ongoing treatment needs.

Speak with Our Lawyers

For more information about legal damages after suffering a serious injury, it’s crucial that you speak with our legal team. We encourage you to schedule a legal consultation online or call our law firm at (209) 477-8171.

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