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Unique Issues in High Net Worth Divorces

Thu 16th Sep, 2021 Blogs

Divorce is never easy for any couple. For high-net-worth couples, the silver lining is that divorces tend to be less common. Using educational attainment as a proxy for income, individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher have a 29.8% divorce rate, while that figure rises to 58.8% for those with […]

How Supervised Visitation Works

Fri 30th Jul, 2021 Blogs

California courts determine child custody and visitation issues according to the best interests of the child. Generally, it is the state’s policy that the best interests of the child are served by the child having frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the divorce. However, the nature of that […]

Is Bird’s Nest Custody Right for You?

Fri 16th Jul, 2021 Blogs

Child custody can be a fraught topic for any divorcing couple. One of the most pressing questions on any parent’s mind is “where will our children live during and after the divorce?” Traditionally, both parents share legal custody of the children, but the children physically reside with one parent or […]

What Matters Are Covered Under Family Law?

Fri 30th Apr, 2021 Blogs

Family law is a branch of law that concerns relationships among family members. One of the largest practice areas within family law is divorce and all of the issues that go along with it — the division of assets, alimony, child support, child custody and visitation, etc. But family law […]