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Real Estate Development and Subdivision Attorney

Mon 13th Apr, 2020 Real Estate

Many real estate owners assume that they have the right to use, divide, and develop their property as they seem fit. In reality, there are numerous laws in place at the local, state, and federal levels that oversee land use. Real estate developers can ensure they are following all applicable […]

Inheritance Disputes

Mon 30th Mar, 2020 Real Estate

Deaths are a tragic event for loved ones who are left behind. Adding to the tragedy is the fact that many deaths lead to inheritance disputes. Even when there is not a substantial estate to settle, surviving family members may disagree about how assets should be divided and who is […]

Grounds for Full Child Custody

Thu 12th Mar, 2020 Family Law

When a divorcing couple has children, a child custody judgment must be made. Child custody refers to where a child will live, and which parent(s) has a say in decisions regarding how the child is raised and cared for. A child custody attorney works to obtain a custody arrangement that is in […]

Sports and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Tue 25th Feb, 2020 Personal Injury

Many athletes experience concussions during practice and competition. The long-term effects of these concussions can be life-altering, which is why many of these athletes have spoken with lawyers about filing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawsuit against their team or league. It’s something that our Stockton and Central Valley, CA attorneys can help with, […]

Car Accidents Resulting in Brain Injury

Fri 14th Feb, 2020 Personal Injury

Traumatic brain injuries often have serious and long-lasting repercussions. A traumatic brain injury can compromise physical, cognitive, and emotional functions. These types of injuries may diminish a person’s quality of life and are likely to result in the need for substantial medical treatment. If a traumatic brain injury is the result […]