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How to Handle a High Conflict Divorce

Fri 29th Apr, 2022 Family Law

Divorce is an emotionally fraught process even under the best of circumstances. While most divorcing couples would like to think that they are mature and rational enough to avoid a bitter and protracted divorce, emotions often cloud their better judgment, and it is impossible to know how a person will […]

Types of Restraining Orders in a Divorce

Thu 17th Mar, 2022 Family Law

The decision to end a marriage by filing for divorce is a painful one for most people, but it can also be frightening for individuals who experience domestic violence. Instances of domestic violence are distressingly common; according to some estimates, one in four women and one in seven men have […]

Child Custody: Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Mon 28th Feb, 2022 Blogs

Going through a divorce is not as easy as many people think – especially if the parting couple has children. The impact of divorce can extend to the kids in various ways. Still, what is clear to the attorneys at our Stockton child custody law firm is that every action […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce

Mon 31st Jan, 2022 Blogs

Divorce can take a severe emotional and financial toll on the parties involved, even when things go relatively smoothly. It can also quickly become a lengthy and exhausting process when the spouses cannot agree on major issues. While every divorce is different (because every relationship is different), there are some […]