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A Compassionate Attorney Can Hold an Abuser Accountable for Child Abuse

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If you suspect your child is suffering from the abuse of a loved one or another party, it is important to seek immediate help. Our associate attorney at McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, Becky R. Diel, is a member of the Board of Directors for the Child Abuse Prevention Council and is passionate about advocating for the safety of children. A child abuse lawyer can ensure the safety of your family, providing essential information on steps to take to get out of an abusive environment and put an end to an abusive cycle. If you need help securing safety for your kids and enforcing the laws against child abuse, contact us online or call  209-477-8171. We have office locations in Stockton, CA, and surrounding areas and can meet in an area that works best for you.

Signs of Abuse

If you suspect your child is being abused, it is critical to look for signs and document what you notice. Important considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Physical evidence: Abuse can be evident in bruises, scratches, unexplained broken bones, cuts, and burns.
  • Emotional trauma: Children that become quiet and withdrawn, or refuse to see certain friends or family members, maybe the victim of child abuse. Normally well-behaved children who suddenly begin misbehaving could be experiencing abuse when not in your presence.

Not all of the signs of abuse are readily apparent. It may take some time for signs to surface, and when they do, parents should proceed with caution. Abuse may be physical in nature, but can also be mental or emotional.

A child abuse lawyer can provide immediate assistance when your children need help. We can help to remove families from abusive situations and prevent further harm.

Any action that puts your child at risk of harm and causes an injury, including emotional trauma, is abuse. Having an open and honest talk with your children, without fear of retribution, is key to gathering the evidence you need to make a claim of child abuse. All children are unique, and knowing the normal tendencies of your child will allow you to spot signs of abuse when they arise.

How to Leave an Abusive Situation

The moment you become aware of abuse, it is imperative to remove yourself and your child from the abusive conditions. This may require you to change schools, switch after-school activities, or leave your home. We understand it is difficult to uproot your children, but doing so can start the road to recovery and put an end to the abuse. Finding a safe place is key, and should be a location where your abuser is not likely to find you and your kids.

There are programs and resources available that offer placement assistance and can help you transition to a safe place quickly. You will need to take photos of any physical abuse and keep a diary of the emotional harm done to your child. This evidence will be necessary when you prosecute your abuser, and can also help give a therapist a clear picture of what your child has been through when counseling services are needed.

The Legal Process

Once you are in a safe spot, you are in the best position to take legal action. This might include seeking a protective order, filing for divorce, modifying child custody or visitation schedules, or filing criminal charges. Whatever your needs, the team at McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP, is here to help. Your safety is our top priority as we work alongside you towards a road to recovery and healing.

Take Action Today

If you believe your child is the victim of abuse, do not hesitate to seek help. For information from an experienced child abuse attorney, contact McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP online or call  209-477-8171 today to schedule a consultation.

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