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A Domestic Abuse Lawyer Puts Clients First and Can Provide Important Resources

Survivors of domestic abuse can rely on national and local resources to secure their safety and get away from a toxic relationship before beginning the legal process. As part of the full range of services offered by our family law attorneys, we believe providing information on resources for survivors of domestic abuse is an important step in these emotionally charged cases. A domestic abuse lawyer at our Stockton, CA-area firm can help keep you safe. Contact us online today or call  209-477-8171 to find out more.

domestic violence restraining order paperwork

Knowing where to turn for help can help you begin a road to recovery.

Local and National Resources

Survivors of domestic violence or abuse, and those who feel they are in an unsafe relationship, have plenty of places to turn for help:

Turning to resources for survivors of domestic abuse helps in countless ways when seeking legal intervention.

Please keep in mind you do not need to rely upon only one source for help, and any organization dedicated to the safety and well-being of survivors of abuse will stand ready to offer any assistance available. Many shelters also offer aid to those who feel there is no safe place to go, and you can always dial 911 to report any instance of abuse and seek help from the authorities.

Taking Legal Action

The key in any case where safety is a concern is to first get to a safe place and then take appropriate legal action. A family law attorney can help with seeking all necessary restraining orders. If you are married to an abusive spouse, you have rights and do not need to remain in the marriage. If there are children involved, it is of the utmost importance to remove yourself and those children from a harmful environment.

Keep in mind the laws are very different for cases of domestic abuse versus an assault and battery type of matter, and the distinguishing factor is generally tied to the nature of the relationship. Domestic abuse covers instances of abuse between:

  • Spouses, both current and prior
  • Couples who live together, but are not married
  • Couples who used to live together
  • Couples who are living apart, but are dating or used to date

We understand how domestic abuse can change a family forever, and prioritize the physical and mental health of our clients facing these difficult times. We also know how easy it is to put yourself at risk, unknowingly, in this digital age. For information on staying safe online, please visit the Hotline.

Contact Us for More Information

If you are in a violent relationship and need help, contact McKinley, Conger, Jolley & Galarneau, LLP online today. You can also call the firm at 209-477-8171. We make your safety the number one priority, and then work with you as a legal solution to your relationship is developed.

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